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December 31,2004

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December 27,2004

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December 24,2004

Olu Dara

November 28,2004

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Olu Dara

November 28,2004

Olu Dara is bottled sunshine. His roots may be in a small country town called Natchez, just on the Mississippi side of the border with Louisiana, but his music is much more difficult to locate. Snatches of Africa shine through a pure blue Caribbean sky. New York sophistication mingles with the delta blues of Olu Dara’s musical apprenticeship.

Peter Barakan, the Tokyo broadcaster and music buff, brought him to my attention a couple of years ago and I’ve been a fan ever since. Olu Dara spent most of his musical career backing other musicians and only released his first CD (In The World:From Natchez to New York) in 1998, just before turning sixty. This was followed by Neighborhoods in 2001. Try In The World first. It’s a gem of rhythm and joy. The song Your Lipsis a personal favorite. The man is dynamite in concert. Don’t miss him if you get the chance. And play him at home when you’re feeling down.


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